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Like all great things Fuzztival started as an idea we had over a few beers. We started this festival in 2018 with 6 bands on a free open-air stage. In 2019 we moved to HUSET Esbjerg, expanded with an additional festival day and added 10 more bands for a total of 16 international bands in 2019!  In 2020 the COVID-19 global pandemic hit the music scene hard. We moved the festival to September and changed to a larger venue suitable to handle the large crowd according to the new health guidelines.

In 2021 we once again presented Fuzztival at Tobakken Esbjerg with a bit of a last-minute change in line-up, still feeling the pressure of COVID globally - but with no worries: There was plenty of FUZZ.

In 2022 we hosted our 5th anniversary with the biggest and most ambitious line-up to date! We also won the prestigious PER HØJHOLT award, and can now officially call us an award-winning festival - sweet!

In 2023 Tobakken Esbjerg filed for bankruptcy shortly before the festival, and we decided to move back to HUSET Esbjerg, for a smaller and more intimate fuzz experience with a redefinition of "heavy" with a true desert and heavy-psych filled program!

Fuzztival is a non-profit festival run by music lovers and volunteers. We do this in our spare time because we love the music and the scene. We also attend alot of festivals, and know the importance of being able to sit down with your friends for a drink in between bands, and do our best to accommodate enough seating arrangements for (almost) everybody. We know, that a good festival requires more than just a lot of bands, and every year push ourselves to provide a nice setting.

 Come party with us!


Free parking next to the venue all weekend. Limited parking available. Payed parking available within short distance as well.

Shuttles from BILLUND AIRPORT several times a day!
Venue is just a few minutes walk from both Esbjerg Trainstation and Esbjerg Bus Terminal.


While the festival itself offers no camping at the festival site, we recommend using Esbjerg Camping just 5 km from the festival with direct bus routes. Alternatively Esbjerg city offers several low budget hotels and a youth hostel nearby. We highly recommend Hotel Ansgar: A fine establishment which we have cooperated with from the very beginning. In 2023 you can also use the discount code FUZZ2023 when booking your stay at CABINN ESBJERG via their website.


DOORS open at 15:00 FRIDAY and 13:00 SATURDAY


Please be aware, that HUSET is not very handicap friendly. Wheelchairs will have to be carried up stairs.

HUSET ESBJERG is located at:

Finsensgade 1

6700 Esbjerg


Food & Craft Beer

Esbjerg Fuzztival offer food on site from local street food vendors. Unlike other festivals, we do not ask local vendors (food or otherwise) any percentage of commission or sales, but we do make sure that we personally like the food presented. The bars serve a variety of beer and drinks, along with our official Fuzztival beer - brewed each year by a handpicked brewer and each year a special limited edition NEIPA. It's the perfect refreshment between bands!

Please note: Neither Fuzztival nor our chosen venue accept cash payment.


Billede af Adam Nieścioruk
COVID-19 health regulations

As​ of 2022 COVID-19 is no longer considered a national health crisis in Denmark, and therefor there are no restrictions applied at the festival. We do however ask that everyone take care of eachother, and remember: Good hand hygiene is a good habit in general.​


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